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Courage or Temerity or ...?

Courage or Temerity or ...?

It is done, and this is just the beginning:  Kotzilla SAS company is officially born on November 25th!

By annoucing our new adventure, we received a lot of warm words like "all the best", "you are doing right" and also a recurring one: "how brave you are!"...

Is it true? Is it a desserved word?

Leaving a confortable well-paid position in an healthy company is courage or temerity ? Creating financial uncertainty when both of the creators are in charge of a family with young children is courage or temerity? Building a project based on free open-source technology is courage or temerity?

And what if all these points are just foolish attitude? The famous 40-years crisis? Or even an egocentric need of adventure ?

I believe that, as often, judging/evaluating an action is not only about the nature of the action. It is a lot about the Spirit drinving the action.

So defining if an action is courage or temerity depends on the intention driving it.

Let's illustrate:
- leaving a well-paid and safe salary-man position to try to get millions with a start-up is temerity (and greed).
- leaving a confortable position to create value, to learn and, more important even, to accept full accountability of our sucesses and failures is, maybe, courage

I will not end with easy-LinkedIn-ready-to-digest words like control your own destiny, manage your future, or even a quote of Invictus poem ;)

I would just say, what we are doing here is taking full accountability of this adventure. Its success or failure will be linked to our ability to convince great people to join us, to create helpful technologies, value and proudness for the team members.

So, let's simply do what humankind is doing since the first ages: crafting ingenious tools to improve our life, all together.

It is neither courage nor temerity, it is just Humankind fate