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Koin Roadmap 2022

Kotzilla is honored to share the very first Koin development roadmap!
Koin Roadmap 2022

Kotzilla is honored to share the very first Koin development roadmap!

A structured and professional approach of Koin technologies

Kotzilla aims to bring a structured approach and an easier way for Kot-users to anticipate and follow our technologies implementation.

Sharing our view, gathering your feedback, implementing additional features to continuously improve the Koin framework is our core goal.

Allowing you to anticipate new versions, to evaluate which one to migrate to and when, is also key for the community and corporate users

Long term support approach

We are passionate about new features, new tools. Nevertheless, we want to secure you on the support we are providing for both current and past versions.

Therefore, we implement a Long Term Support (LTS) approach to all our new developments: we guarantee 9 months of support on the previous version.

For an example, when we launch 3.2.0 version, we guarantee a 9 months support on 3.1.X versions.

During LTS of a version, we are focusing on:

  • bugfixes & follow-up on dependency fix updates
  • professional support from Kotzilla’s experts.
  • publicly available releases for critical bugfixes and security issues

Beta-test and Community support phases

We share our view on beta-test periods to allow all the Koin community to participate and provide feedback and suggestions.

Once a new version is released, the community support phase starts for a minimum of 6 months.

Then, we provide support to the open-source community and our customers, gather feedback and follow all updates impacting our framework, like librairies, Kotlin Android, Ktor, and other frameworks versions

We are convinced that a clear roadmap and a clear support approach will benefit to the community and our corporate users!