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Kotzilla & Koin - Wrapping up H1 '22

Kotzilla & Koin - Wrapping up H1 '22

  Let's take advantage of the relative slowdown linked to the summer period in Europe to look back on some great things which happened since January!

January: A new star is born: Kotzilla unleashed!

It was super exciting to announce the creation of Kotzilla, the company to support Koin framework users and accelerate technologies releases for developers. It is a real game changer as a 100% dedicated team to provide support ... including the creator of Koin, Arnaud Giuliani

The first website version can be found here: kotzilla.io

February: First roadmap for Koin

We want to bring a structured approach and an easier way for you to anticipate and follow our technologies implementation. We decided then to set up a roadmap and start structuring the support.

In this fast-pacing environment, we need to follow libraries' updates, add new features to Koin, and promote new technologies... Nevertheless, Koin users need as well stability and long term vision for their app architecture. We propose to follow the process of beta periods, new version release, and then 9 months of long-term support for each major and minor version.

We are going to update this roadmap in September, stay tuned :)

March: Koin Annotations 1.0, the Beta

Was time to take this big step asked by the community: implementing Annotations to always more ease of use for Koin framework! The beta was a great success thanks to all community feedback.

April: Koin 3.1.6 release

That was the last Koin 3.1 release. The aim was to realign ViewModel API to Google's API and to retrograde Ktor to 1.6.5, in order to keep our code compatible with Kotlin 1.5.32. More info: https://blog.kotzilla.io/koin-3-1-6-release-long-term-support/

May: Koin 3.2 release, a major step for the Koin framework

Here we are! This is the highlight of the semester, with Annotations of course. This new major version is launching our Long Time Support period for Koin 3.1.x It is also the opportunity to encourage everyone to migrate from Koin 2.x versions as this is not supported anymore.

Koin 3.2 brings a lot of new features described in 2 articles: https://blog.kotzilla.io/inside-koin-3-2-new-dsl/ and https://blog.kotzilla.io/inside-koin-3-2-module-includes/

June: Koin Annotation 1.0 Stable

What a major step! We were sure about the need for Annotations, thanks to community feedback. Nevertheless, it was a success above our hopes! Many thanks for your warm words and the recognition of the value brought by Annotations. We hope you use and enjoy this new feature. https://blog.kotzilla.io/koin-annotations-1-0-now-stable/

H1 22 events and conferences

Droidcon Lisbon & Android Makers Paris: we were honored to be invited for talks on April 22 about Architecture design with Koin. You can find back the slides here: https://blog.kotzilla.io/android-architecture-design-with-koin-conference-support/ and the cheat sheets for Koin 3.2 and Koin Annotations here: https://blog.kotzilla.io/koin-3-2-annotations-cheat-sheets/

DroidCon Berlin '22: Another great event and another great talk from Arnaud to deep dive in Koin 3.2 and Annotations, with a full room of attendees :) We are also pleased to participate in the launch of the new e-learning platform by Droidcon, stay tuned for more announcements!

Online Conferences: Several opportunities to speak about our favorite subject, the architecture of your apps, with Brighton Kotlin. The latest one can be followed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xErDgtRdH4

And what's next?

From September, we are going to increase furthermore our dedication to Kotzilla company. We have exciting projects like updates for Koin 3.2, Koin for Compose, and the preparation of Koin 3.3.

We are also going to re-design our Kotzilla website and prepare new e-learning supports and we hope to meet you in person or via video during next conferences!

Enjoy your summer break, see you soon all, and THANKS TO THE COMMUNITY!