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Inject your Jetpack Compose Application with Koin

Inject Koin into your Jetpack Compose Application

Within the Kotlin ecosystem, as you know, it's important to stay abreast of the latest technologies and tools. In this blog post and accompanying video, Arnauld, the Koin Project lead, guides you through the seamless integration of two powerful entities: Jetpack Compose and Koin, the Kotlin Dependency Injection framework.

The Rise of Compose

Jetpack Compose is the new Android UI toolkit introduced by the Google team. It brings a fresh, declarative UI approach to Android development 🔥. With Compose, you can design your app's user interface using a more intuitive and efficient method, reducing the need for complex UI plumbing.

The Good Old DI Stuff

Koin has long been a trusted dependency injection framework for simplifying Android app architecture for projects both large and small. It's a classic choice for managing dependencies in Android projects. With Koin, you can declare your dependencies and wire up your app components effortlessly.

Compose WTF (How it is working)


Jetpack Compose works based on a declarative UI design, which means your UI reacts to events and states. It follows a unidirectional data flow pattern, where events trigger views that generate new states. Understanding how Compose works is key to harnessing its potential.

Koin Compose API

To integrate Koin with Compose, you'll need to get familiar with the Koin Compose API. This API provides the tools you need for efficient dependency management within your Compose-based app.

Koin Compose Advanced API

If you're one of those looking to take your skills to the next level📈, the Koin Compose Advanced API offers advanced features and best practices. This is where you can truly optimize your app's architecture.

Compose Multiplatform

Jetpack Compose is not limited to Android; it's part of the Compose Multiplatform ecosystem. This means you can extend your UI development to other platforms like iOS and desktop, creating a unified user experience🔥

Multiplatform Injection Patterns (Cheat sheet)

To help you navigate the world of multiplatform development, there's a handy cheat sheet for injection patterns. It's your go-to reference for effectively managing dependencies across platforms.

Ready to Dive In?

If you're an Android app developer looking to elevate your skills and create cutting-edge user interfaces, Jetpack Compose and Koin are the tools to consider. Explore the rise of Compose, master the good old DI stuff, and harness the power of these technologies to build exceptional apps.

Stay tuned for more insights and tutorials on how to make the most of Jetpack Compose and Koin  in your Android app development journey.