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Koin 3.5.3 Release Highlights with Koin Now Supporting Kotlin 1.9.21

Koined image from Hal Gatewood

We're excited to announce the release of Koin version 3.5.3! This update brings a host of improvements and bug fixes across the Koin ecosystem, including core, ktor, android, and compose modules. Let's dive into the key changes:

Core Module Enhancements (core-3.5.3)

Enhanced Logging

Change in Log Levels: Scope creation logs, which were previously marked as warnings, are now set to debug level. This change will reduce unnecessary warning logs, leading to a cleaner and more manageable log output during development.

New Target Support

  • LinuxArm64 Target: Added support for the linuxArm64 target, expanding the versatility of Koin in different system architectures.
  • Stately-Concurrency Update: Alongside this, the stately-concurrency library has been updated to version 2.0.5, ensuring better performance and reliability.

Concurrency Fixes

  • Eager Creation Concurrency Issue: A proposed solution for concurrency issues related to eager instance creation has been introduced. This fix aims to improve the stability of instance creation in concurrent environments.

Android Kotlin Target Update

  • Old Android Kotlin Target Fix: This update addresses problems with the older Android Kotlin target, enhancing compatibility and performance on these platforms.

Documentation Updates

  • BOM Installation Module: Added a Bill of Materials (BOM) installation module in the documentation for a more streamlined setup process 
  • Typos and Clarity: Various typos have been corrected and clarity improvements have been made, notably in

Maintenance and Version Updates

  • Jcenter Removal and Gradle Version Correction: As part of ongoing maintenance, Jcenter has been removed  and an incorrect Gradle version mentioned in CONTRIBUTING.adoc has been corrected.
  • Kotlin and Compose Version Updates: The core module now supports Kotlin version 1.9.21 and Compose version 1.5.11

Ktor Module (ktor-3.5.3)

New Ktor Isolated Plugin

  • Plugin Introduction and Ktor Update: A new isolated plugin for Ktor has been introduced enhancing modularity and isolation in Ktor applications. Additionally, the Ktor version has been bumped to 2.3.6, and subsequently to 2.3.7, ensuring compatibility with the latest Ktor features and fixes.

Android-Specific Updates (android-3.5.3)

ViewModel Enhancements

  • Fragment ViewModel Fix: A fix for the default extra argument in Fragment.activityViewModel has been implemented, resolving issues with ViewModel instantiation in Android fragments.
  • ViewModel Key Handling: Improved handling of ViewModel keys with qualifiers, keys, and scope IDs has been introduced for more flexible ViewModel management.

Compose Module (androidx-compose-3.5.3)

Local Scope Access Fix

  • Compose Local Scope Access: This update addresses and fixes issues related to accessing local scopes in Jetpack Compose, enhancing stability and predictability in state management.

Other Notable Updates

Release Candidate Changes

  • 3.5.2-RC1 and RC2 Updates: The changes from release candidates 3.5.2-RC1 and RC2 have been incorporated, ensuring all improvements and fixes are included in the final 3.5.3 release.

Documentation Refinements

  • Spelling and Reference Corrections: Spelling mistakes have been corrected, and references have been updated in the documentation, particularly regarding Kotlin Multiplatform and Ktor modules. 

This release of Koin 3.5.3 reflects our commitment to delivering a dependable and efficient dependency injection framework. We extend our deepest gratitude to all contributors who played a pivotal role in this release. Your continuous support and contributions are what make Koin a leading choice in the Kotlin ecosystem.

Stay tuned for future updates and enjoy building with Koin 3.5.3!