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Koin 3.5.0 & 3.5.1 are here! With Koin Compose 1.1.0 and Koin Annotations 1.3.0: Exploring the Game-changing Updates & Features

Koin 3.5.0, Koin Compose 1.1.0 and Koin Annotations 1.3.0
Koin 3.5.0 Release Note


Hello dear Koin community! πŸ‘‹ 

We’re happy to share some exciting news with you.

The new Koin releases, versions 3.5.0 & 3.5.1 have arrived with a host of important updates and features that will enhance your Koin & Kotlin experience. You'll find all the details in the GitHub  release link of the project. Version 3.5.1  is a patch which features fixes to Ktor updates in 3.5.0 after an issue was quickly spotted by the community post release(I hope that makes sense?)

Now, let's dive right into the key details of this release.

Major Library Updates

Koin 3.5 introduces the new main active version of the project, accompanied by crucial library updates:

      • Kotlin and all third-party dependencies are now up to date at version 1.9.x
      • Android users will appreciate updates to androidx libraries, including androidx.activity:activity-ktx:1.7.2, androidx.fragment:fragment-ktx:1.6.1, and androidx.navigation:navigation-fragment-ktx:2.7.1

But that's not all! The release also includes the deployment of the koin-bom project, making version management a breeze. With Bills of Materials for Koin, you no longer need to worry about individual library updates. Simply leverage the power of koin-boUsage of koin-bom:

Usage of koin-bom

Internal Optimizations and Fixes

Version 3.5.0 goes beyond library updates by delivering several internal optimizations and critical fixes:

      • Parallel scope and arguments resolution are now possible through thread-local storage.
      • New loading options have been introduced to facilitate eager instance creation.
      • Modules include tree optimization for improved performance.
      • The logs messages for Koin and Verify() API have been enhanced for better clarity.
Empowering Ktor with Cool Features

On the backend side, Koin continues to evolve and empower Ktor with exciting features:

      • Koin is now updated to the latest version of Ktor, version 2.3.3
      • You can expect better context isolation, and
      • The introduction of request scope to allow injection for request duration.

Documentation from

Compose on Fire

For those working with Compose, there's a lot to be excited about:

      • Jetpack and JetBrains Compose compiler have been updated to version 1.5.0
      • Android library updates for Compose, including androidx.compose.runtime:runtime:1.5.0 and androidx.navigation:navigation-compose:2.7.1
      • The introduction of the Composable function KoinIsolatedContext enables you to run child composables using an isolated Koin context.
      • KoinContext & KoinAndroidContext now feature checks over CompositionLocalProvider to prevent outdated context links, making it easier to run white-label applications and SDKs with Compose. All the composable hierarchies will benefit from the specified Koin, without overriding anything else:

Game-Changing Koin Annotations 1.3.0

Koin Annotations 1.3 is here with game-changing features. Check out the full release note.

      • Koin annotations now have a BOM project: koin-annotations-bom to streamline the management of Koin annotations modules.
      • Explore Multiplatform Compile-time configuration checks for added safety during development.
      • Detection of constructors with default arguments.
      • Unlock Kotlin/JS support.
      • Introducing the new @ScopeId annotation to resolve dependencies in a target scope.

Activate compile-time safety by adding a KSP option:

The compiler will tell you if you forgot to declare a component in a few milliseconds:

A missed repository component

Stay Informed with Updated Documentation

All the documentation has already been updated. Be sure to check it out for detailed information on these exciting updates.

Your Feedback Matters to Us

We value your input!

Please continue to share your feedback with us on GitHub, Slack, or X /Twitter. Your contributions and suggestions help us create great open-source software 😊

A Big Thank You to Our Contributors

We extend our sincere gratitude to all contributors for their invaluable support πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

What's Next?

Stay tuned for more in-depth articles and videos as we explore the possibilities of Koin 3.5.0 in greater detail. Let's keep the conversation going πŸ‘


Thank you for being a part of the Koin community. We can't wait to see what you build with these new features! πŸš€

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