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Welcome Miguel: The Visionary Leading Kotzilla's Product Marketing & Strategy

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We're thrilled to share some exciting news that marks a significant milestone in the Kotzilla journey. We're welcoming Miguel Valdes Faura, our new Head of Product Marketing & Strategy, to our team!

Miguel brings with him a wealth of experience, a deep understanding of the tech landscape, and an infectious passion for innovation, open source and community building.

His role will be pivotal in helping to shape our developer platform, Cloud-Inject while continuing to help empower the Kotlin and Android ecosystems. His dedication to innovation and community empowerment aligns perfectly with Kotzilla's goals to reduce technical debt, boost app performance, and reduce architectural complexity and maintenance time for Android developers.

Miguel's Professional Journey

Before embarking on this new journey with Kotzilla, Miguel co-founded Bonitasoft, a key player in the Business Process Management arena. He is also the co-founder of Bonita open source project. As Bonitasoft CEO, Miguel led the company through different strategic growth phases, from hypergrowth to profitability, while emphasizing open-source values and global expansion, serving customers in over 75 countries.

Miguel is recognized worldwide as a thought leader in Process Automation and Open Source. His expertise has seen him speaking at renowned international conferences and being featured in major publications such as Forbes, CNN, and Mashable.

A Message from Miguel

"With 7M+ downloads per month across 130 countries and 8,500 GitHub stars, Koin  has become a cornerstone of Kotlin & Android development worldwide.  I'm thrilled to join visionary founders Arnaud GIULIANI and Michaël Montoya, as well as the rest of Kotzilla's talented team. At Kotzilla, we're committed to shipping innovative solutions that fuel the growth of the Kotlin and Android ecosystems. I'm here to drive our product marketing initiatives and strategies, enhancing developer experiences and shaping the future of mobile architecture technologies. Let's have fun and foster innovation together!.

A Java guy entering the Kotlin world 😉"

Join Us in Welcoming Miguel

Miguel's journey reflects what can be achieved with passion, expertise, and vision. As he steps into his role at Kotzilla, we invite our valued Kotlin developers, Koin lovers, and community members to join us in welcoming him. 

Let's create, innovate, and elevate the Kotlin ecosystem together.

Welcome aboard, Miguel!