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Koin Wrapped- Recapping the 2023 Milestones of Our Kotlin Integration Framework

Koin 2023 recap

Six years ago, Arnaud embarked on an extraordinary journey that ultimately gave birth to Koin. It all began when he noticed the exponential growth in the adoption of the dependency injection framework. This remarkable trend made it abundantly clear that there was an urgent need for a dedicated home to meet the ever-growing documentation and resource requirements of this thriving community.

Fast forward to today, and the impact of this website is nothing short of astonishing. Each month, it garners the attention of tens of thousands of developers seeking valuable insights and resources. Koin, the driving force behind Kotlin applications for Android, iOS Multiplatform, Compose, and beyond, has experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity.

In 2023, monthly downloads have skyrocketed, climbing from 4.5 million to an astounding nearly 7 million 📈

A Thriving Community Ecosystem

As we step into year number 7 of the Koin project, we're filled with loads of excitement about what's to come. We owe our gratitude to the thriving community, dedicated contributors, and the amazing individuals who continually share their experiences with Koin. Your invaluable feedback and support have been instrumental in elevating Koin to new heights, and we can't thank you enough for your unwavering commitment.

Koin contributors image
The Koin Community of Contributors


Unveiling Koin's Upcoming Projects

We're excited to share with you the incredible progress we've made in 2023, along with the upcoming releases that you can anticipate for the rest of this year.

In 2023, we concentrated on these key areas:

1. Developing APIs for Compose Multiplatform and enhancing the existing ones for Jetpack Compose.

2. Ensuring continuous support for the latest Android APIs.

3. Elevating Ktor by introducing exciting new features, such as request scope.

4. Improving Koin Annotations and implementing the initial compiler check. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to achieving even greater milestones in the coming year.

Still to come this year is our highly anticipated next release: version 3.5.2. This eagerly awaited update is currently in the pre-release phase and is meticulously incorporating the final version of the Compose Compiler. We're diligently working to ensure a seamless integration that will enhance the overall functionality and performance of Koin. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on this upcoming release! 

This significant milestone holds great importance as it introduces the highly anticipated Kotlin 1.9.21 critical patch. 

Stay tuned for the latest updates in the GitHub release notes, as the stable release will be arriving soon. In the meantime, you can already get a sneak peek at the current version 3.5.2-RC1. Don't miss out on all the exciting enhancements and improvements that this release has in store!

Koin is Kotlin 2.0 Ready 🎉

And as you may already know, Koin has successfully undergone testing with Kotlin K2, which means we are fully prepared for the highly anticipated release of Kotlin 2.0!

This is a significant milestone for Koin, and we're happy to announce that Koin 3.5.2 release will be available next week. Stay tuned for all the amazing features and improvements that this new version has in store for you! 🔮

Community Support & Release Cycles 🛟

Just as in the previous years, we've remained committed to maintaining our six-month release cycles. This strategic approach keeps us fully engaged with the ever-evolving worlds of Kotlin, Android, and the broader tech ecosystem. More than just a routine, it has proven to be a transformative practice, allowing us to meticulously refine our releases and uphold unwavering quality standards.

To provide clarity, here are the current version tracks:

  • End of Track - Koin 3.4 (no further patches)
  • Active Track - Koin 3.5 (with upcoming updates)

Rest assured that all the valuable feedback and insights from our vibrant community will continue to flow into the active track. This dynamic process ensures that every enhancement and new feature is seamlessly incorporated into Koin 3.5.

Stay tuned for updates this week 👍