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Discover the latest Koin framework's white paper based on NowInAndroid Application


Illustration NiA Koin-1


A Definitive Guide of the Now in Android App using Koin for Dependency Injection (Includes download 👇)


Koin is the natural fit for Modern Android Development.

We have written this white paper to demonstrate why we believe so. We have done this by taking a tour of the Now in Android app (Nia), with Koin as a Dependency Injection (DI) framework. Now In Android is an open-source Android application that covers best practices of modern Android Development.

Android describes Nia as  

a fully functional Android app built with Kotlin and Jetpack Compose. It models Android design and development best practices and was designed to be a useful reference for developers.

The app continues to be maintained by the Android team and we are grateful to them for such a brilliant resource 🙏

You may now understand why we have chosen to use Nia to demonstrate Koin's simplicity and versatility. Nia is the standard for best practice and we want to demonstrate why Koin is the standard for best practice for Dependency Injection in Modern Android Development.

You can download the white paper here 👇